Photo Gallery

This is a series of photos from my diving adventures. Most of them are raw scannings from a complete film. As I gradually get them scanned there will be a current supply of new photos.


Burresø Christmas day 1996 at Burre lake: The clearest of ice all over the lake.
An evening at The beach of Hornbæk Strand
Hvenprammen The barge at Hven in muddy waters, macro photos, 1999.
Robert S/S The boat Robert S/S, 1999, macro photos of particularly nudibranches
Bygöy 1999, wide angle, very clear water at the surface and very unclear at the bottom.
Undine SMS The wreck Undine SMS 1999, the photos somewhat dark, taken with a fish-eye lens and a 1600 asa film.
UV-rugby Under-water-rugby, 2000, arranged photos for advertisements.
Johannes L The boat Johannes L, 2000, photos taken without a flash-light.
Robert S/S The boat Robert S/S, 2000, to take photos here, you have to be lucky with the visibility and light.
Cimbria The wreck Cimbria at Helsingør, 2000, no flash-light but a fast film.
Wooden Wreck at Helsingør, March 2001, 400-800 asa film, no flash light.  
Emil Rezlaff April 2001, digital test, problems with blitz.


Red Sea 1998 149 photos.
Red Sea 1999 approximately 400 unsorted photos. The conditions this year were not perfect.
Red Sea 2000 approximately 220 slightly sorted photos in chronological order.

If you need photos in a higher solution you can require them through my e-mail if you let me know the series, name and the solution/size you want (aka 300 dpi / 15x12 cm).

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