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Diverse picture series new.gif (114 bytes), lots of pictures from different trips and dives.

Here is little of the pictures I have taken home and abroad. 

BarracudaerBarracudas from the Red sea taken in November 1998. Picture taken on a 200 asa slide film. The whole series here Dykker lyser på svampFrederiksholm S/S. An overgrown wreck in clear spring water northwest of Gilleleje, 1996.   200 asa film and a 13 millimetre fish-eye lens.
StenfiskStonefish (the big rock in the middle). The picture is also from the Red sea in November 1998. The picture is taken on 1½ meters of water without blitz on a 200 asa film, 20 mm ap. 8.  NøgensnegleAn orgy for nudibranches. 4-5 of them are laying eggs on a mussel. Helsingør not far from Twin II, September 1998. 100 asa film and 50 millimetre macro-lens.

DefinerDolphins. There will be more photos later. This photo is taken Dolphins. There will be more photos later. This photo is taken in the Red Sea 1997 at 6 a.m. with a 1600 asa Fuji film without a flash-light. We watched this flock of dolphins for an hour or so. There was 30-40 of them.

EremitkrebsHermit crabs in tender embrace. The barge at Hven - northwest of Hven, 1998. 100 asa film and 50 millimetre macro-lens.
DragefiskDragonfish from the Red Sea, 1997. 100 asa film. Dykker på glatisThe diving-club “Havbasserne”s traditional Christmas-dive on the 24th of December 1996. The photo has been taken from the bottom of a lake through very clear ice. 200 asa film and a 13 millimetre fish-eye lens. The ice was about 10 cm thick. More photos here
JomfruhummerNorway lobster at night. Lysekil (Sweden) just outside the harbour at the depth of 30 m. 1998. 100 asa film and 50 millimetre macro-lens. Taking photos at night with a macro-lens is always good and you find a lot of interesting things on a mudbed. BlæksprutterOne of my first photos with a real underwater camera; a Niconos VI, 1987. At the time I did not have a flashlight so the standard was a 400 asa film which made it possible to take photos at some depth. See if you can locate the 2 octopuses on the photo.
TroldhummerWizzard lobster. Lysekil - at the same dive as the Norway lobster only at the depth of 18-20 meters. Twin II (Padi vraget)The wreck Twin II at Helsingør. Black and white 3200 asa film. For a small series of wreck-photos of which some of them have been tinted with a little green see here.

Nøgensnegl på Robert S/SLarge nudíbranch - approximately 6cm. The photo is taken on the wreck Robert, 1999. It shows furthermore a scallop and a tiny thread-nudibranch. Almost all of the wreck is crowded with these nudibranches. More photos from Robert  here

Kanonen på Ostmark S/SThe canon on the rear deck of Ostmark S/S, 1997. It is very large and consequently very difficult to photograph in unclear water. Its position is at the depth of 36 m. More photos from Ostmark S/S  here.

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